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One on One with Andrew Wheating

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Norwich, Vermont native Andrew Wheating recently returned from his second trip to the Olympics.  Wheating advanced to the 1500m semifinal round in London.  Wheating stopped by the WCAX studios and spoke with Scott Fleishman.

Scott:  How was your London experience?

Andrew:  To be honest, it was a bit numb.  After my last time, it was really fun and exciting seeing all these athletes, I just wanted to do everything, see everyone.  This time around, I went with a solid goal.  I went with a purely to compete.

Scott:  You wanted to get out of the preliminary round, make it to the semis and then from there just see what happens.  You did that, so do you feel like there's some satisfaction there?

Andrew:  Yeah.  I didn't want to be labeled as the guy who couldn't get out of the first round.  In '08 I didn't get out, in Daegu I didn't get out.  So this year I wanted to make a statement.  I'm not that guy who keeps crashing in the first round.  It was really hard with plantar fasciitis and a hamstring issues, all I wanted to do was make it one step further and I accomplished that goal so it wasn't a complete catastrophe and actually something was accomplished so I'm happy with it.

Scott:  Now you're here in Vermont.  You just got in and you're going to spend some time here.  You weren't able to come here before you left for London, so nice to kind of relax in the hometown and see friends and family?

Andrew:  Absolutely.  I have a lake house on Lake Champlain.  There's no dishwashers, no washing machines, no Internet or service out there.  It's basically out in the middle of nowhere.  I love it.  You couldn't ask for anything more, swimming in the lake, go for a run, do both in one day.  Exercise and fall asleep.  It's shutting off from reality and taking a nice step back and just resetting myself.

Scott:  When do you get back on the track and start competing again?   

Andrew:  I'm actually going back over to Europe at the end of the month.  I'll go over there and compete in Berlin or Italy.

Scott:  And then, four years down the road?

Andrew:  I've got some hurdles I've got to jump through first, but I'll be 28 when Rio comes around and that's peak age for every distance runner.  I think my body will have adapted a bit better.  The injury thing will have sorted itself out.  I'll be excited, I won't be worried.  I'll have done everything right and I think by 2016, I'll be nailing it out of the park.   









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