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A good excuse for men to eat chocolate

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Steve Berens just bought himself a Godiva chocolate shake.

Asked if he eats a lot of chocolate, Berens answers, "Probably more than I should. I do like my chocolate."

Turns out it may help keep him from having a stroke. A Swedish study looked at more than 37,000 men and found those who regularly ate chocolate had a lower risk of stroke.

"What they were able to show that there was approximately 20 percent decrease in the number of strokes in those individuals who had the highest consumption of chocolate versus those who didn't eat chocolate at all," said Dr. Louis Evan Teichholz of Hackensack University Medical Center.

The benefits may be related to the natural flavanoids in chocolate, which appear to have anti-oxidant, anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory properties. They can also decrease bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

So how much chocolate does it take to help prevent a stroke? The study says really not that much-- about one-third of a cup a week. Rowell Sargent and his wife have no problem with that.

"We certainly have some every day. Whether it's a chocolate chip cookie, candy bar, or chocolate-covered strawberry. We eat chocolate," Sargent said.

Doctors say just don't overdo it.

"I think the health benefits in moderation will outweigh the extra calories," Teichholz said.

And unlike other research touting the benefits of dark chocolate, the Swedish men ate mostly milk chocolate.

Click here for more on the study on chocolate lowering men's stroke risk.

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