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Super Senior: Jack LaDuke

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Jack LaDuke has been picking up a camera for 65 years.

"And if you can tell a story with pictures-- that's real nice," he said.

Today, he's telling the story of a boat builder whose business went up in flames. They are now rebuilding. He's using a small, digital video camera. But that wasn't always the case.

"I'm 78 and the equipment got heavy," Jack said.

For 30 years he was the Channel 3 News Adirondack Bureau Chief, covering an area bigger than the state of Vermont. He always had a traveling companion; from Noelle to Dixie, all rescue dogs. He's had four so far.

"It's a great icebreaker and a lot of people would say if he likes dogs, he can't be too bad," Jack said.

And he seems to know everyone from Massena to Mineville.

Reporter Joe Carroll: When I first started at WCAX 25 years ago, I was the tape editor. I had missed the film era, but Jack had to physically get the tape over to Burlington. How did you do it Jack?

Jack LaDuke: I would take the tape in one hand, a five dollar bill in the other hand, start at the head of the ferry crossing line of cars and ask if they would take it to Channel 3. And in 25 years we never missed a night of getting the tape delivered.

Jack retired from WCAX three years ago, but soon after started working at Mountain Lake PBS, shooting news stories. He always carries two cameras; one video, the other a still camera to capture the Adirondack beauty surrounding him.

"If you live here, nature is right in front of you every day, every minute," he said.

And those images are now part of Jack's one man show at Bluseed Studios in Saranac Lake called "Sun and Shadow."

"My wife, Marina, went ahead and dug deep into the archives and pulled out a lot of stuff I almost forgot about," Jack said.

It's the best of LaDuke-- half from the Adirondacks, half of the American Southwest.

"People came in and said gee, we've only known you for doing video work, and are really surprised that you've done this," Jack said.

The Keeseville, N.Y., native got the photo bug when he was 12. He later started taking stills for The New York Times and other publications, eventually getting involved in motion photography. He's lived in El Salvador and Spain. Wife Marina was the first female photographer for a daily newspaper in Canada. Her work has also been exhibited at the studio. But now Jack is in focus.

Joe Carroll: What keeps you going?

Jack LaDuke: I don't know, I don't know, Joe. You get up in the morning, your feet hit the floor and you have something scheduled for that day and you are anxious to do it.

A man known for his TV presence, showing his artistic side.

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