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Back-to-school migraines

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Back to school for Vincent Plessel means reuniting with classmates, playing team sports and sometimes getting migraine headaches.

"You can't move, your head gets heavy, just want to lay down, you don't feel like eating, you just wanna rest," he said

Vincent started getting migraines several times a week when he was just 6.

"I could actually see the veins in his head throbbing, that's how bad it was," said Plessel's mom.

The headaches forced Vincent to miss school and sometimes he couldn't play on
the soccer team.

Doctors say about 28 percent of teens have migraines pressure at the beginning of the school year often brings them on.

"Not only the academic stress, but also the emotional and psychological stress of going into a new school often being with new teachers, interacting with new peers and having to manage all of that at the same time," said Dr. Joshua Cohen with St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital.

Getting up earlier is also a major factor.

"They're getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning -- that tremendous shift in their sleep schedule is often a big trigger for their migraines," Dr. Cohen added.

Dr. Cohen helps his patients manage their migraines for the new school year. He suggests:

1)  Slowly adjusting the sleep schedule from summer time to school time.
2)  Relaxation techniques to manage stress.
3)  Keeping a headache diary to see what foods may trigger the migraines.

Vincent is eating and sleeping better, and along with a medicine and vitamin regime he's down to about one migraine a month.

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