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Super Senior: Jimmy T. Thurston

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In many ways Jimmy T life has been like a train. Chugging down the tracks of life and occasionally derailing.

"I was getting into oxycodone, the cocaine, the pot," said Jimmy T. Thurston.

Tales of a now clean rock n' roller with a heavy dose of country.

"All right here's our single called "Who Put The Mojo in the Hoodoo Stew". said the singer.

And Jimmy T Thurston is no stranger to the stage. The Waterbury Center native is a man of style and flair, always with a cowboy hat and a handkerchief on the side.

"When your performing on stage, you get pretty sweaty," commented Thurston.

The 71 year old has been on stage since he was 8.

"You were moving your hips even the one you replaced! I know I had hip replacement, but you know what, when you're doing what you love, which I love music very dearly, it doesn't bother you," he said.

Jimmy T. writes about his life and in his new CD called "Welcome To My Country".

It was 1981 in Nashville, Tennessee and Jimmy T's band, the Ripp Van Winkle and the Sleepy Hollow Boys came in 3rd in the battle of the bands out of 1,500 bands. Back then he dyed his brown beard gray, wore spandex and he was about to have something else, a major record deal. His manager wanted more money from the record label. In the end the record company said no deal.

"It takes so long to get there and puff, it's gone," reflected Thurston.

Now 30 years later and his beard is truly white. Something else, he is honest about, his country roots.

"You tell my wife and kids I said don't cry...yeeee haaaa!" said Thurston.

Jimmy T is also a newlywed.

"You must be an optimists if you keep getting married! They say three times the charm, I believe it is this time!" commented Thurston.

He married Dawn Marie in June, he says she is the reason his life is in harmony.

"I wanted my drug to be my music....That give me my high that's there's nothing else that can touch it, ever!" he said.

Jimmy T isn't the only one in the family that loves the stage. His son Jamie Lee Thurston is a country singer in Nashville.

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