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Super Senior: Frank Haven

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"What do we have in the garage? Oh, we have a pride and joy!"

It's his wheels-- Frank Haven's 1985 Cadillac convertible. The 96-year-old goes for a spin now just on Sundays and holidays. And he stays close to his house, home is North Springfield.

The Fair Haven native couldn't buy a job in his hometown, in 1940 the depression still lingered. Springfield was the land of opportunity, the machine town was booming. Frank took a job as a machinist, married his sweetheart Eva, raised two kids and even built the house he still lives in.

"No just a normal life, that everyone has that wasn't born with a silver cup in his hand," he said.

The working class man earned his pay and still does. Frank Haven is the fix 'it man.

"Actually he's probably the most reasonable and honest guy I know," commented his friend Peter Hall.

He repairs electric motors and generators. Frank doesn't need to hang a sign out front, he's got all the business he desires.

"I'm an old fashion Yankee do it all!" said Haven.

The sunroom is his shop. Today's project fix the alternator on a golf cart. Some of the parts are as old as Frank, he's not a fan of our throw away society and the products made today.

"They got to the point where they don't want anyone to repair anything," he said.

He's a serviceman for the average man. Charging just enough to get new parts and some pocket change.

"Why is important for you to keep going?" asked reporter Joe Carroll 

"That's why I'm 96!" responded Haven. "I can't go chasing the girls, cause I'd get in trouble that way."

"What do you think of him?" Carroll asked Haven's daughter Valery Woodbury.

"I think he's the most special man on earth," she replied.

Kind words from his proud daughter Valery. Ever since her mother died over two decades ago, Frank has lived alone. She checks up on him frequently.

"I can easily see him going into a hundred," she said.

But just like the motors he repairs you can bet he'll stay up to speed after all these years.

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