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Danby skull mystery now points to out-of-state victim

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It's a mystery that's been puzzling Vermont State Police detectives for months.

"This is very frustrating to have to deal with," Vt. State Police Lt. Tim Oliver said.

Who does the skull found in February along the side of the road in Danby belong to and where are the rest of the remains?

"So that's the mystifying part-- you know. Where's the rest of the body? Was the body decomposed and then brought there? We just don't know. That's the hard part," Oliver said.

State police gave an initial description of a young white woman who probably died of skull trauma. That's a description that matched Vermont missing persons cases like Brianna Maitland and Heide Wilbur. But new forensic testing reveals the skull is more likely that of an Asian adult female: a description that matches zero open cases in Vermont, and brings state police no closer to making an ID.

"Right now in Vermont we don't have that," Oliver said. "So, that will lead us obviously to go outside our borders, put out a bulletin letting neighboring states know."

Widening the search to other states and widening the search in the field where the skull was first found.

"Nothing's to say that an animal didn't drag it there and the body's just outside-- the rest of the remains are just outside the area that we did search," Oliver said. "We don't want to leave any stone uncovered; we'll see what we can do."

Oliver says they're also working with national groups that focus solely on finding missing persons, but it's a case that will take time and in part-- because no DNA has been found on the skull-- old-fashioned police work.

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