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Troy residents crow about Parachute the rooster

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TROY, Vt. -

Right in the busy intersection of Routes 100 and 101 sits the Troy General Store. They have a bit of everything: groceries, produce, pizza, meat, deli and a rooster.

Parachute the rooster moved in next door almost two years ago. He has been a regular ever since. This rooster usually stays outside the store; the inside space is for chickens.

"Sometimes he eats half, sometimes a whole. You never know," said Marvin Bedell, who feeds the rooster.

Bedell shares his morning egg sandwich with Parachute almost every day. That's right, EGG sandwich.

"A million people have said that around here. Yup, they are all pretty surprised when he gobbles up egg. He doesn't like croissants and I heard he likes sausage, though," Bedell said.

Parachute has become the store's mascot.

"They love him," said Jennifer Cote of the Troy General Store. "Everybody takes pictures of him. He is always around; he is just entertainment for us. He comes to the back door which is funny because when delivery trucks get here he kind of like checks them out and then comes to the back door and just hangs out."

Parachute's owner, Deena Morey, sometimes comes to fetch him. She says he is what is called a Cochin.

"They are famous for all the feathers on their feet," Morey said. "Yeah, more clucking, yup."

She says he is very traffic savvy, so she does not worry about his wandering.

"No, he usually gets out of the way and people know that he is here and they look for him," Morey said.

Morey used to have other poultry, but it's just this one rooster now.

Parachute keeps a pretty tight schedule. In the morning it is breakfast at the store with Bedell and whoever else might show up for coffee. At noon, it's back home for a nap. And then in the afternoon maybe a stroll over to the post office. He is one busy bird.

Soon winter will be here. Parachute is not fond of snow, so his trips to the store won't be as frequent. He will be spending most of his time with his family-- IN the house of course.

Parachute got his name from Deena Morey's son. He thought the rooster's feathered legs looked like he was wearing parachute pants.

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