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Fall bulb planting

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It may be getting colder, but there is still more work to be done in the garden, especially if you like to see some early color in the spring. Sharon Meyer and Charlie Nardozzi are here to show us how to get some bulbs in.

Sharon Meyer: We can't stop gardening now! Just because it's fall. If you want good color in the spring, get to work Right?

Charlie Nardozzi: You've got to put your bulbs in, now there are some bulbs that will bloom in the fall, like the colchicums, but the big show is in the spring,

Sharon Meyer: And now in October is the time to plant your tulips and hyacinths, daffodils, all of those guys.

Charlie Nardozzi: So the way I like to plant them, is I like to dig a hole. And what you want to do is dig a hole maybe down abut 6-8 inches deep, you could put them around shrubs or around your perennial flowers, but you want to plant them in groups. Thats a much nicer way to plant versus just planting them like single little soldiers lined up, they don't look so good that way.

Sharon Meyer: They don't look as good that way.

Charlie Nardozzi: And then you want to put your bulbs in. Now you want to put your compost in, right in the base of it here. To give it a little fertility. And then something to keep those chippies and voles from eating your bulbs.

Sharon Meyer: I know, there's nothing worse than that.

Charlie Nardozzi: And that would be oyster shells.  They're crushed oyster shells from the sea, just sprinkle them in here, and the little guys come in here and those sharp edges...

Sharon Meyer: They don't like the texture do they?

Charlie Nardozzi: They don't like the texture, their paws don't like it, and then you just plant your bulbs. So we'll just put some tulips in here and you can see that you are going to be putting your tulips pretty close together, a couple of inches apart. So that the show that you are going to get next year is really going to be outstanding , a big stunning display. But if you have some big bulbs, like allium, or frittilaria, sometimes you just want to put one here and one there. If you have heavy, gravelly soil, or clay soil, it's hard to dig down in just one little spot. That's why there's the bulb auger.

Sharon Meyer: This thing. I get to use this thing!

Charlie Nardozzi: You get to use that thing!

Sharon Meyer: I was waiting for that.

Charlie Nardozzi: This is cool, you attach it to your electric drill, and there you go, you just grind right down into the soil, it will go down a good 6-8 inches. You pull it up, put a little fertilizer in, pop your bulb in and your good to go.


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