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Fall lawn care

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Sharon Meyer: One of the best parts about fall, is that the lawn mowing season is almost over.

Charlie Nardozzi: But the fall lawn care season is not.

Sharon Meyer: I know, you want a nice lawn next year, so..

Charlie Nardozzi: You do. And this is the one time of year, if you are going to fertilize, this is the time of year to do it.

Sharon Meyer: Really, ok.

Charlie Nardozzi: But you don't want to use just any fertilizer on your lawn. New laws in Vermont have banned using phosphate fertilizers in your lawn because they don't want the phosphorous to leach out into the waterways and streams etc. So you want to look for a fertilizer, a lawn fertilizer that doesn't have any phosphorous. That's the second number. But generally you want something with a  3-0-2 ratio. 3 being Nitrogen, 2 being Potassium. And the organic products are nice because it's slow release and what you do as you fertilize in the fall, you are building up that root system so that the lawn gets thicker and lusher, so that next spring it will come up and you'll have less insects, diseases and weeds.  

Sharon Meyer: Sounds good to me!

Charlie Nardozzi: That's a good thing. Now another thing you could do this time of year is to top dress your lawn with compost. And compost is doing the same thing, it's feeding the root system. You put down only about a quarter of an inch layer, and you just throw it around like this and then just rake it out a little bit so that you can see the little grass blades just coming through, it's just enough to add a little more tilth and fertility to the lawn. And when that's done, you want to sprinkle a little grass seed on it. And what that's going to do of course, it's going to germinate. And you just put it right on top of the old grass. You don't have to make a hole or anything like that.  And that germinates and again it creates that thicker, lusher lawn and you'll have so much more lushness in there, that the weeds will never dare come in next spring.

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