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Super Senior: Lenny Roberge

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Lenny Roberge Lenny Roberge

Allenwood senior housing is a tight community.

"We're one big family here, as long as I pay the rent," jokes Lenny Roberge.

As you can tell Roberge has a sense of humor and something else -- a talent for making pies. He's made rhubarb, mincemeat and even fig, but his favorite is apple. "Granny smith apples I think make the best pies," he said.

Today he's cooking MacIntosh -- they're in season. He adds a little punch. "I think cider adds flavor to it," he said.

After covering the pan he lets it stew for 10 minutes at 300 degrees -- that softens the apples up and cuts down the baking time.

The 98-year-old makes pies to keep busy, he's a man who values every day. "I wake up every morning and say here I am Lord, give me another day," Roberge said.

Lenny has all the ingredients for a healthy life, but when it comes to pies he gets a little help.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You don't make the pie crust?

Lenny Roberge: No, Betty Crocker makes that.

There's too much work and little space in his kitchen. He bakes with a nineteen-inch stove.He didn't get serious about making pies until a few years ago. It's been a learning experience. "And I make sure these edges are tight," he said.

He set the timer for 28 minutes and shortly after the smell of baking pies spreads though the halls. "They write me notes and I will show them to you in a few minutes," Roberge said.

The notes are from others who live at Allenwood. He does something special with his pies. "'Dear Lenny, I just finished your great pie, what a treat,'" he reads.

Lenny shares his culinary creations with his neighbors. He's kind of the Easter Bunny of the retirement home, but in this case they never know when he's going to strike. He says his wife Agnes made the best pies in the world. "We had 64 and-a-half good years," he said.

She died 5 years ago. "They say time heals, but I say good night to her every night," he said.

They have three children, but his other family is the 80 or so people at Allenwood. It gives him satisfaction knowing what he bakes is worthwhile. A just dessert for the pie man.

"It's not uncommon to have a piece hanging off the door wrapped up in plastic, it says from Len!" said Allenwood staff member Liza Rixon.

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