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Rutland Mayor goes door to door

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Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras spent Saturday afternoon going door to door -- campaigning in a way, for people on flood-prone Clover Street to be cautious if Hurricane Sandy strikes.

"I appreciate you coming down here -- it's a lot of time and a lot of effort," local resident Paul Whitney told the Mayor.

"There may be a possible evacuation and so we're just letting everybody know a few days in advance," Louras said.  

He passed out leaflets with information on the nearest shelter should he order a mandatory evacuation of Clover Street next week.

"And now the thing is if people want to take that information and use it. I mean, I think it's handy to have," said another resident, Celeste Lear.

The city ordered an evacuation last year when it looked like Clover Street would take a beating from Irene. But many residents refused to leave when asked and rescue crews had to return throughout the day after four feet of flood water changed some people's minds.

"This street floods more than any other street in the city -- it's the first one to flood. It's flooded four times in six years since I've been mayor," Louras told residents.

The Mayor said he hopes the residents on Clover Street will heed his warning this time around, but he said if they don't, city officials may not come back to help them later. "We literally can't manhandle people out of homes. So if they choose not to go, then it gets real bad, they're going to be on their own  because our resources are going to be elsewhere trying to get other people out on the first try," he said.

"I'm hoping some of them will. I mean, there is some stubborn people on this street that don't want to leave and don't want any help at all," Celeste Lear said.

If an evacuation is mandated, Louras said he'll go door to door to let people know.

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