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Civics lesson for Upper Valley students

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Fifth graders at the Dothan Brook School engage voters at the polls in Hartford.  As part of a social studies project focusing on government, the students are taking a poll of their own.  

"At the end of the day we are going to record our data and see how many people think voting is important and see how many people think voting is not very important," said student Greer McCarthy.

"Most of them that I have asked have been saying yes, but a couple people have ignored me and walked past," said student Trever Robbins.

An unintended lesson perhaps -- learning to have a think skin -- like many of the politicians on the ballot.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: Is it hard going up to people who you don't know and asking them questions?  

Greer McCarthy: Yeah, because I feel kind of strange just going up to somebody that you don't know and being like, 'can I ask you a question?'"

The project uses the election to integrate several different subjects.  New technology, made possible through a grant, is helping the kids record the answers.  "We will go back to school and collect the data and have a writing project, a couple math projects and some more social studies work," said teacher Cherrie Torrey.

A hands on way to learn about civic duty. "You can learn more than just reading a book about it because you get to experience it," Robbins said.

Three different classes of 5th graders are taking part in the project.  A way to get kids interested in the election process years before they themselves are allowed to vote.

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