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The Primelink Coaches Interview - Part 2

Tuesday, November 20th

More from our exclusive interview with the local coaches that will lead their teams into the 15th annual Primelink Great Northern Shootout this Friday at Norwich University's Kretizberg Arena.

WCAX Sports' Scott Fleishman sits down with Middlebury head coach Bill Beaney, Norwich headcoach Mike McShane and Plattsburgh head coach Bob Emery.


Mike McShane - "We respect eachother, because most of our games are really good games and highly skilled games and fun to watch.  I was out to dinner with my wife the other night and a fellow from Burlington came by and stopped me and we got to talking.  He had season tickets to UVM and he said some of the best games I've seen are down at Middlebury and at your place.  He said the best game he saw, unfortunately for us, was a loss to Middlebury about 9 years ago.  A playoff game.  He said it was the greatest game ever and I said a lot of people have said that. And the same with Bob.  We've had tremendous games.  We had a shootout a couple of years ago that went back and forth.  They'd score and their bench would go crazy.  We'd score and our bench would go nuts.  Emotionally it was quite a roller coaster, but in the end it was quite exciting and great for the fans."

Scott - "When you have one of those games against one another, what's said afterwards?  We always see the final buzzer goes off, you guys shake hands.  What's said in those conversations especially following a game with such emotion, such high energy?"

Bob Emery - "A lot of the times it's like, the fans got their money's worth tonight.  You can say that win or lose, because a lot of them are close battles and close games where the fans have really gotten involved in it. The best thing about it is our proximity and closeness to eachother.  When we go to Middlebury, our fans come.  When we go over to our place, their fans come.  The same thing with Norwich, so our fans travel well.  So when you go on the road, your fans come too.  It makes it even more exciting, but a lot of the times the games are close and it's like hey anyone could've won that game and nice win, the fans got their money's worth.  That happens a lot."

Bill Beaney - "I think we're really fortunate that the three of us through the years have been able to provide such great competition for eachother, because I think it has really brought out the best in the players we've had and the programs that we respectively work for."

Scott - "And that's why we're here, to talk about the Primelink Tournament.  Did you ever think it would have evolved and still be going strong 15 years later?"
Bill Beaney - "It comes at a wonderful time of the year when a lot of families are getting back together and if you go to the game you'll see so many families at the game it's just a great time to get together and watch excellent excellent hockey."

Bob Emery -"We try to make the tournament have a national flavor and every year but one, due to the bad economy, we've had a western team in it for the last 10 years.  So we have St. Thomas this year for our tournament.  We've already locked in Wisconsin-Superior out west for the following year when we host out there so having a national flavor helps too, because it helps the fans out there in division 3 watch the scores.  All of our games are now streamed too, so they can even watch the game on the internet."      

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