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Why Thanksgiving is no holiday for plumbers

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Thanksgiving Day preps are underway at Sweetwaters in Burlington. The restaurant will feed hundreds of needy Vermonters. A hectic time of year-- not only for restaurants.

Craige Ohlstein with Roto-Rooter a drain cleaning and plumbing company says Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the busiest days of the year. To say things get backed up is an understatement.

"A house is designed for a certain amount of occupants and people invite everyone over and cause extra stress on their plumbing," Ohlstein said.

So to keep things flowing, warn your guests only TP in the toilet and no flushing food you didn't finish. Roto-Rooter says that secret offense is actually more common than you would think.

"No chicken or turkey in the toilet that you didn't want to eat so your mom doesn't know you didn't finish your plate," Ohlstein said.

Now, on to the kitchen. As you peel all those potatoes, do not put the skins down the garbage disposal. The starchy skins mix with the water to make a cement-like paste that can gum up the works. And if you think potatoes sound bad, celery is even worse.

"It has rind on it, so the fibers get chewed up and form a ball in the drain line. It backs up, your family is freaking out, creates a huge mess," Ohlstein explained.

One of the worst offenders is turkey grease because it coats your pipes just like it coats your arteries, so a better option is to put it in a can, throw it in your freezer and then throw it away.

Tips to help keep stress off the menu.

"You have almost a panic situation. People are worried it's going to ruin their holidays, we're not going to be fast enough, it's going to smell, be dirty," Ohlstein said.

Keeping your family dinner moving along so these workers can stay put with their families.

Some other things that you should not put down the garbage disposal include any starches like rice, coffee grinds and bananas.

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