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The Primelink Shootout Coaches - Part 3

Transcript of Part 3 of WCAX Sports Reporter Scott Fleishman's exclusive interview with coaches Bill Beaney of Middlebury, Bob Emery of Plattsburgh and Norwich's Mike McShane ahead of the 15th annual Primelink Shootout this weekend at Norwich.


Mike McShane/"We had it at our rink the first year I think it was '98 and at the time we just opened our arena and the next year when Billy opened his arena we had it there so that provided a lot of excitement.  We won it the first year, so we were fortunate and Marc Bolding was my rink manager at the time and we sold 360 season tickets the following Monday.  That's what the tournament did for our program.  It kick started and gave us that good fan base that we needed.   

Scott Fleishman/"7 Primelink Championships for Norwich...3 for Plattsburgh...4 for Middlebury, you total that up that's 14.  We are in the 15th year for the Primelink so that means the 4th team has been unable to win the Primelink.  Do you guys at least take pride on keeping it in the region?"

Bob Emery/"Home field advantage is huge in all sports.  You just generate emotion from your fan base.  Not just in our sport, if you read more sports, the home team, if good enough, usually wins.  Since we're all in close proximity, we get a lot of local fans at the game no matter where it is.  I think it helps us, when we're playing against that 4th team that may not have a lot of fans there.  To feed off our fans, to get them into a frenzy, gives our teams the edge."

Scott/"I've asked all three of you this individually, but the tournament comes so early in the season.  There's so much season left to go, but how important is the season as a stepping off point?"

Bill Beaney/"This year we will not have played a home game yet, it will be our third and fourth games respectively.  For us, it's going to make us take a hard look in the mirror where we're at and where we need to be during the course of the season.   We going to go out there and give it everything we've got.  We certainly want to win it, but it really gives you a great bench mark in where you've got to go, because of the teams that are in it."

Emery/"As a coach, we learn way more about our teams after a loss then you do after a win.  Over the years you play a game early in the year if you happen to win the Primelink than you're fortunate enough to learn about your team right away.   So I think you get the best of both worlds with some good competition."

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