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The Primelink Shootout Coaches - Part 4

The final installment of WCAX Sports Reporter Scott Fleishman's exclusive sit down interview with head coaches Bill Beaney of Middlebury, Plattsburgh's Bob Emery and Mike McShane of Norwich ahead of the 15th annual Primelink Great Northern Shootout.


Scott Fleishman/ "This happens so early in the season.  You have a lot of memories that come afterwards, but are there any memories of the Primelink tournament over the last 14 years that stand out to you guys?"

Mike McShane/"There's been a lot.  There's been shootouts.  I think we've been involved in at least three shootouts.  That's why it's called the shootout, because unlike the regular season were you just get your overtime and play to a tie, there has to be a winner and I think with a couple of the shootouts have been really exciting.  We've played some overtime games which have been exciting, some one goal games."

Bill Beaney/"When our players come back for alumni events, it always comes up.  You remember what happened in the Primelink.  I think that's probably talked about as much as anything when the guys get together at the different alumni events."

Bob Emery/"Winning the tournament can probably give you the best memory, but I remember going over to Middlebury.  We lost the first night to Norwich in a shootout.  It goes down as a tie.  We go out and win the consolation game.  We finished third, but we came away with more points towards the NCAA tournament than the second place team.  So with the shootout, you can gain a lot from the the weekend and can get to know a lot about your team quick."

Fleishman/"You've got next year's team already locked up.  As long as this is successful, do you see this continuing on for the next how ever many years, right?"

Emery/"I'd like to see it go on and I know that Primelink is real happy to be the sponsor of the tournament.  I think we're locked in for about 5 more anyways."

Beaney/"It would be a real void in all of our schedules to not have that as part of the schedule."

Fleishman/"I guess the last thing is, is there a sense of pride 15 years later that this has become the elite tournaments in the country and it's because of these three schools in this region?"

Emery/"Like I said.  Everyone talks about it, not just in the east.  I'm not a blog guy that goes on about division 3 hockey, but a lot of people that I know go on them and they can tell you, even the Western fans are always talking about it as it comes up, as it takes place and as people do a review of it on Monday morning all the experts and the coaches come out.  So, everyone does look at it from coast to coast."

((("This is my third primelink and I'm supposed to be unbiased, but it is my favorite event to cover.  I love the hockey, I love the action and the venues make it that much easier for us with our cameras and you guys have been great to us.  Thanks for sitting down and taking the time to talk with us today.  Norwich head coach Mike McShane.  Plattsburgh Head Coach Bob Emery and Middlebury head coach Bill Beaney.  Thanks guys.")))        

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