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Recipe to gobble up Thanksgiving leftovers

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In downtown Burlington shoppers are out in force, getting a workout looking for Black Friday deals. They might go home to a house still smelling of Thanksgiving treats, food that will be with them for days. So, what do you do with all the leftovers?

"We make soup and sandwiches," said Greg Tucker of Richmond. "It just morphs into six or seven varieties, different meals."

Reporter Joe Carroll: A lot of people just get the plate and microwave it.

Chef Michael Clauss: Yes, I've been guilty of that sometimes.

Executive Chef Michael Clauss at Bluebird Tavern in Burlington also knows how to take your leftovers and make them into a gourmet meal that anyone can whip up. He's making a breakfast dish.

Michael Clauss: We are just going to put some oil in the skillet, it's nice and hot.

Joe Carroll: Michael, what are we making?

Michael Clauss: We are going to make the Turkey and Smoked Bacon Casserole.

And with a little bit of sliced garlic.

"It's nice to add a little bit of fresh ingredients to leftovers just to lighten it up, freshen it, rejuvenate it," Clauss said. "Then we are going to add our root vegetables. So, these could be leftovers, these are leftovers, it could be carrots, it could be carrots or green beans, maybe."

The chef says this dish can be done easily at home.

"Take a little fresh off the turkey as well," Clauss said. "I like it nice and large, more rustic."

There are a few ingredients that you don't normally find on the Thanksgiving dinner table.

"Then we are going to crumble some cooked, sliced bacon into here," Clauss said. "You want it nice and crispy because if it's too soft, it's going to become soggy."

Bread is used as a binder so it won't be soupy.

Joe Carroll: Can you use dinner rolls?

Michael Clauss: Absolutely. I would keep them out for this type preparation; you want them to be a little stale or dry.

"You see everything is getting nice and caramelized in the pan and that's what you want... We have a little bit of gravy leftover, we are going to put in there," Clauss said. "I put a little bit of cheese curds on the top because we are going to bake it in the oven... We are going to put it right into the oven... 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese starts to bubble and brown."

For the casserole he's using four eggs and a dash of salt.

"When you are doing a sunny side egg, you don't want the pan too, too hot," Clauss said.

After 15 minutes in the oven, the cheese curds have melted to a golden brown and with the eggs added, it's a feast for four.

"That's ready to serve right there," he said.

A hearty meal for the hungry hordes of shoppers... or anyone else.

Another tip-- deboning the bird is easier when it's warm.

Click here for the Bluebird Tavern recipe for Turkey & Smoked Bacon Casserole.

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