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More Keyes details surface, including audio recording

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Authorities say 18 months ago a serial killer came to Vermont with the intent to kill. Essex residents Bill and Lorraine Currier had the misfortune of becoming Israel Keyes' random targets.

"By all accounts they were friendly, peaceful good people who encountered a force of pure evil acting at random," said U.S. Attorney for Vermont Tristram Coffin.

Keyes would later tell police he was in Vermont to fish on Lake Champlain and was staying at an Essex hotel. During his 3 day stay he cased the area looking for the right set of circumstances to kill.

"Keyes was specifically looking for a house that had an attached garage, had no cars in the driveway, did not have children and did not have a dog," said Chittenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan.

The 34-year-old Alaska man was armed with a gun and a silencer when police say he broke into Currier's home through their garage. Wearing a headlamp he surprised the couple who were asleep in bed. He described it as a blitz attack. Keyes told police he tied them up stole their gun and forced them into their own car. He then drove them to a vacant farmhouse on the other side of town. Investigators say Lorraine had broken free at one point but Keyes caught her. Bill yelled out for her until his death. Keyes fatally shot Bill Currier before raping and strangling Lorraine Currier to death. He stuffed their bodies in garbage bags and left them in the basement of the building.

"It's clear from the facts of this case, though confronted with death, Bill and Lorraine Currier showed extraordinary bravery and courage and extreme dedication and love to each other. they fought until the end," said Donovan.

Four months later that home was demolished and their remains were never found. Vermont authorities admit they knew little about who killed the Curriers before this April. That's when Keyes was arrested in Texas for a separate crime. He was wanted for the abduction and murder of an Anchorage teenager. Once in custody -- Keyes confessed to killing 18-year-old Samantha Koenig as well as the Curriers. Police say Keyes provided details about the couple and their murders that was never released to the public.

Details that police no longer need to keep secret. Keyes killed himself in Sunday morning in the Alaska jail cell where he was being held.

"Keyes also claimed that he had committed multiple other murders throughout the country. Efforts to investigate those murders have been ongoing and will continue," said Coffin.

Authorities say while Keyes was living in Washington state he killed two individuals and a couple. He also disposed of another body in New York in 2009. Investigators say his killing spree spanned at least a decade -- he would hunt for his victims in parks, campgrounds cemeteries and boating areas.

"These were volitional acts of his. He wasn't compelled by some uncontrollable force to do it. It was something that he could control and he liked to do it," said Coffin.

The FBI says Keyes would fund his nationwide search for victims in part through bank robberies. He stashed weapons, money and murder supplies is buried caches around the country. In an audio recording Keyes tells the FBI he has a split personality.

Audio recording, "Keyes : I'm two different people basically, and the only person who can tell you about the kinds of things that I am telling you is me. FBI: how long have you been 2 different people. Keyes: (laughs) long time, 14 years."

Click here for the statement from the Currier family.

Click here for the statement from Chittenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan.

Click here for the statement from U.S. Attorney for Vermont Tristram Coffin.

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