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How Vermonters marked 'doomsday'

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Ren Weiner is a pretty happy person, but especially today.

"I hope that everyone smiles today," she said.

That's because she thinks it's the start of something new since the world didn't end Dec. 21 as some predicted it would, based on the Mayan calendar.

"There's a collective unconscious of people saying something new is going to happen, so you have people open to something new," said Weiner, who was working at the Radio Bean coffeehouse Friday.

With no dramatic, drastic or deadly change, Weiner hopes people will open up themselves up to creating a better world. But even this optimist has a touch of realist; she prepared just in case.

"I started reading books on herbology and camping," she said. "So, it's been a good excuse to buy tents, sleeping bags, extra long johns, get a new Leatherman."

"I was sort of skeptical, especially going to Y2K everyone thought, ahhh the world's going to end, the internet's going to crash and nothing happened," said Nicholas Beaudoin, who was also working at Radio Bean Friday.

Over at the Shelburne Supermarket, Sally Shane says if she believed in all the hype she'd be drinking champagne, but for now it's just sparkling cider.

"I'm happy that we live in Vermont and not New York City, where everyone is probably dressed in black. And we're just waiting for snow so we can ski and not think about this whole thing," Shane said.

But someone must have believed it was all coming to an end. There was only one can left of the indestructible Spam left. Don't worry, we bought it just in case.

For Donald Wilkins, 12-21-12 is not just the supposed end of the world day; it's also his 60th birthday. He was at work at a hardware store cleaning, and doomsday would have been a great excuse to not show up.

"Well, I thought it would be neat if the world ended on my birthday, but that's about it," he said.

So, today is another day... or is it? Some hope it's the start of something better.

"There's all these Mayan prophecies. Maybe the world won't end, but there will be changes in the world, though, like working towards peace more," Beaudoin said.

So no doom and gloom after all. Now you have no excuse-- better finish that holiday shopping.

An anthropologist at UVM says that the actual end of the Mayan calendar is not 12-21-12; it's two days away on 12-23-12.

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