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Keeping your New Year's resolutions

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With the new year, often comes new resolutions. But how do you set and make sure you achieve your goals? Kim DuBrul is a life and business strategist. She says that most people fail before they even try, just by setting out to do something, you are moving forward. Watch the video to find out her advice on living a positive, energy-filled new year.

Kim DuBrul's TIPS:
1) The best way to start to make new plans for the coming year is to look at the things that went well, were enjoyable, that you learned, etc in the past year.  This gives you a strong foundation with which to create a great new year.

2) Taking on challenges can break up goals, give you camaraderie and help you to achieve big things.  Think of sprinkling some challenges throughout the year that directly relate to your goals, and get plenty of accountability around them so that others are watching to see that you follow through.  Challenges give energy to your entire life.

3) Take your whole life into consideration when setting resolutions. You want to be realistic, at the same time stretching yourself to take something to a new level.  It is a fine balance. Sometimes we might set a goal in one area of our lives that would cause all other areas not to work- we want to be careful not to do this, as you will set yourself up for failure.

4) Have fun thinking about what things would be like one year from now- how do you want to look/feel and what will make you feel good to know you had experienced it or accomplished it once and for all?  Who do you want to spend time with in the coming year, what old hobby would you like to resume, what new activity would you like to try, where would you like to make sure to spend some time?  The possibilities are endless, but without an actual plan, and continued planning throughout the year, you will find yourself in a place a year from now where the year happened to you, you were not the creator of it, and you may or may not like the results!

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