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Everything Animals: Kennel Cough

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While doctors are dealing with an outbreak of the flu in people, veterinarians in Vermont say they're dealing with a massive outbreak of kennel cough in dogs.

Kennel cough is a highly contagious virus and bacteria combo that gives dogs a deep, phlegmy cough so thick that some owners may mistake the sound for a dog throwing up.

Doctor John Eustice at Orchard Veterinary Hospital says he's seen more than 50 dogs with the cough in just the last two weeks-- by far the most cases he's ever had.

"Some dogs just have it for a couple days and they get over it -- where most dogs could really use antibiotics and -- for the dog's sake and the owner's sake in a lot of cases, some cough suppressants, so that both of them can sleep," Eustice says.

He says dogs with the cough should be kept away from other pets for at least two weeks to prevent the kennel cough from spreading.

Dogs can pick up the cough from kennels, dog parks and even just from contact with other canines during walks.

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