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Mother Nature puts a new twist on Vt. snow

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Fifteen years in Plainfield and this scene is a first for Michael Bingham.

"I've never seen it before in my entire life," Bingham said.

Reg Holt's lived down the road for 44 years and says he's never seen these round, snowy mounds either.

"I have never seen it before, never," Holt said.

They're called snow rollers and in the last two days they've been showing up all over Vermont. The unusual sight had more than 1,000 of you connecting with us on Facebook and sharing pictures.

"A bunch of rolling up cinnamon balls and snowmen kind of. It is pretty neat," Bingham said.

"They look like little children were out there rolling these things up to make a snowman," Holt said.

We found thousands of snow rollers at the top of Maple Hill alone. To get to the science behind how they're made, we checked in with WCAX Meteorologist Gary Sadowsky.

"Snow rollers are the coolest things in the world or at least one of them," he said. "That's when Mother Nature decides to make her own snowballs."

And her recipe is pretty specific.

"She does that with strong winds and you have to have a pack of snow that has gone above the freezing mark and there you go, very sticky snowball type of snow, snowman-type of snow, and the wind gets it started and just rolls it right up," Sadowsky explained.

Holt says things got started pretty quickly in his yard.

"I was in the house and could hear the wind and I looked out and they were rolling and getting more and more of them," Holt said.

And in about 10 minutes, his neighborhood was covered.

"Back of my place-- hundreds. Across the road-- hundreds. Other neighbors-- maybe thousands," Holt said.

A sight that leaves him well-suited for a snowball fight for now. The trouble comes when it's time to reload.

Reporter Keith McGilvery: What do you think it would take to make them on your own do you think?

Reg Holt: Couple years, especially me. (laughs)

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