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Porsche tries to prove it can power through Vt. winters

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It's not your average sighting-- a brand new fleet of Porsches taking to the wintry roads of Vermont. The snow and salt may have some luxury car enthusiasts wincing, but the brand is working to appeal to the winter driver.

"Well, they look nice. I don't mind them being here, especially since they are spending money here," said Tom Allen of Moretown.

And with 22 cars in tow, it's no cheap showing.

"They are all approximately between $70,000 and $130,000," said Joyce Jordan of Porsche.

We're talking more than $2 million in horsepower, torque and German engineering in the Mad River Valley. The luxury brand is holding its first ever Northeast winter driving experience. It's an exclusive event meant to get prospective buyers behind the wheel.

"A lot of people do not understand why we would want to do this event and why we would want to drive our cars in the snow. if you go through the experience, that's the telling," Jordan said.

First they take you touring through the back roads testing out the newest Cayenne SUV and Panamera 4-door.

"Showcasing the car and letting people see them in a different environment, not the sunny warm rolling hills, but performing pretty cool on the ice and snow," Jordan said.

Then it was time to put that all-wheel drive, on ice. They launched the brand new 911 Carrera 4S just this month and let some newbies put it to the test.

The Sugarbush golf course driving range has transformed into a very different kind of driving range. Porsche wants to prove their cars can handle our snow. A course specially designed to show the car performing under pressure.

Currently there is no Porsche dealership in Vermont, but the company hopes a presence in the area will spark an interest in new buyers.

"I drive a Camry, 230,000 miles. Excellent car," Allen said.

Seems like they have some more work to do to get everyone on board.

Reporter Molly Smith: Do you ever think a Porsche will be on your wish list?

Tom Allen/Moretown: Not a chance. I'm sticking with the Camry. I want to drive it for another 240,000.

Now, we will have to wait and see if the Porsche presence takes off on the wintry road to success.

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