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Frozen pipes keep Vt. plumbers busy

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"I can't remember the last time when you walk on snow and it would be crunching the way it does today and yesterday," said Karen Soloman of South Burlington.

Solomon can't stand the cold weather, but had to go grocery shopping with temperatures hovering around zero.

"It's been brutal," she said.

It's been brutal for plumbers, as well. The prolonged low temps have lead to cold homes and bursting pipes. Plumbers, like Will Casson of Benoure Inc., have been swamped with calls from homeowners.

"Very busy," Casson said. "We've had the extended cold, so things are starting to give way now, freezing overnight and are staying frozen, so they are bursting eventually."

Busted pipes mean business for Casson, but headaches for homeowners.

"Probably the last two days, that's what the most have us been doing, just taking care of the emergencies and emergency calls, no heat and broken pipes," Casson said.

He's doing his best to get the heat back on and offers this advice to avoid frozen pipes: Keep baseboards clear and seal up any drafty areas in your home.

"This seems like we are in real Vermont weather," said Steve Wark of Vermont Gas.

Wark also suggests keeping your thermostat up.

"It can take heating systems longer than normal to get up to the temperature. It's OK to get it a little warmer. While we preach energy conservation, this is a time of the year where it's okay to err on the side of keeping it a little warmer," Wark said.

Even if you leave your house for the day, Wark says that during this cold snap, do not turn your thermostat down.

"Generally speaking, it's more efficient to keep it lower if you can, but these are kind of extraordinary circumstances," he said. "This has been a good long cold snap for us. We'll get through it."

And Karen Solomon hopes that's sooner rather than later.

Reporter Ali Freeman: Do you have any hopes for the next few days?

Karen Solomon: That it warms up or I'll be going to Florida soon.

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