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World's Best Beer brewed in Vermont

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Out in the Northeast Kingdom in the town of Greensboro, sits a brewery dubbed the best in the world-- Hill Farmstead Brewery.

"There must be something magical about Greensboro," said Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead.

Shaun Hill started the business in 2010 and says it's a manifestation of his sense of place.

"My family has been in this town, they co-founded Greensboro 230 years ago. Not many Hills have left," he said.

Most of his beers are named after his ancestors or his favorite philosophical works.

Reporter Gina Bullard: What kind of brewer are you?

Shaun Hill: Pffff! I don't even know if I can answer that.

It might be easiest to answer it by saying a great one. Hill Farmstead was recently named the best brewery in the world by a respected industry website, RateBeer.com. It's recognition that Hill says feels good, but he is too humble to elaborate on.

"It's in the water, I guess. I don't know," he said.

Hill's affinity for beer started early.

"I've been brewing since I was 15 for a high school science fair project," he said.

While traveling around Europe after college, Hill's connection to beer and the beer making process grew.

"Even when I'm alone I felt less alone. I feel this connection when I'm sitting with a good glass of beer; there's something fulfilling about that," Hill said.

Hill Farmstead brews are only sold at the Greensboro brewery and at a few restaurants around the state. Lines at the brewery to get the beer can be upward of two hours.

"We make very simple beers from very simple ingredients, but they're well thought out and well executed," Hill said.

The brewery has released over 60 varieties and has at least a dozen sitting in oak barrels. From pale ales to smoked Baltic porters, Hill says he mixes two beer schools of thought: traditions of Germany with the experimental and artistic process of Belgium.

Many beers grow out of food obsessions, like citrus or coconut.

"We taste something and then we think about how we can push the boundaries of what yeast and raw ingredients can come together to create," Hill explained.

Flavors and tastes that Hill says a community and people have grown out of.

"Vermonters take a great deal of pride in Vermont and things that are made here," he said.

Gina Bullard: It seems like now it's blowing up.

Shaun Hill: It seems like that to outsiders, but it's two little buildings next to Hill Road.

Two little buildings producing a world-class beer that's Made in Vermont.

Hill Farmstead says it soon plans to double the amount of beer it's making and expand the brewery.

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