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Super Senior: Nib Creed

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Brandon Lumber and Millwork is like every other lumberyard-- wood outside and hardware inside. But they have somebody that makes this place special. Three days a week, Niblo Creed, Nib for short, drives the 17 miles from his home in Rutland to his work in Brandon. He doesn't stay inside for long, just enough time to clock in and chat with the boss.

"He brings a lot of knowledge here," said Mike Carr, the store manager.

Nib grabs his pad and pencil and goes to the pine shed. It might take Nib a while to climb the 18 steps to the second floor, but he can be forgiven. Nib is 98 years old. His job is to stack and grade the wood.

"Once he is in his position, he is swinging 16-foot lumber," Carr said.

Nib comes from three generations of lumbermen.

"I kind of like a little sawdust around, it looks like it's being used," Nib said.

"He is a man who's been in the lumber industry his whole life," Carr said.

At one time, Nib owned five lumberyards in upstate New York. He sold them all when he was in his 60s and came to Vermont.

"I love Vermont," Nib said. "I always said I would own a piece of Vermont."

He wasn't a stranger to the Green Mountains, as a kid he went to a camp on Lake Memphremagog.

But just weeks after arriving in the Green Mountains, the adult Nib got bored. He needed to work.

"I stayed retired for three weeks and I had enough of that!" he said.

He ended up at the Brandon lumberyard, a job he's been doing for 35 years.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You're 98; how do you feel?

Nib Creed: I don't feel a day over 97!

In truth, Nib has slowed down.

"I don't get down as well anymore, so I use this thing," Nib said of the stepladder he uses to get back down.

But it's hard for his co-workers to complain about an achy back when a man who for some, is twice their age and is out there in the freezing cold and sweltering heat, just doing his job.

"He doesn't just show up and get the emeritus status and sit in the corner and tell stories all day," Carr said.

If he did, he would tell stories about skiing until he was 90, being the chairman of the board of a New York hospital and hanging out with Nelson Rockefeller.

"You're going to have a boring day if you watch me do this all day," Nib said.

Not at all. A man who's an inspiration for all of us.

Nib is widowed and has four children. And if you were wondering, Niblo is a family name.

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