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Vt. students battle back against bullies

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High school students in Hartford's peer projects class are taking the fight directly to the bully in a new Public Service announcement.

"Bullying can take any form and I think one of the biggest issues with bully has become cyberbullying. Especially because everyone is constantly on social media," said Tesia Lewis, a junior.

The song behind the PSA, called "Stand," was written and performed by 12-year-old Charliegh Gere, a seventh-grader who knows what it's like to be bullied all too well.

"I came up with it because I was bullied a few times last year and this year, and so I wrote the song to help encourage bystanders to stand up for what's right," Gere said.

Peer projects tackles tough issues teens face, like substance abuse and peer pressure.

"I think it is influenced by other kids. Other kids will have the influences from home or somewhere else and bring those to school," said Jonathan Spangler, a junior.

The kids take a leadership role in the PSA, highlighting statistics facing their peers in this school and across the nation.

"It's not right. People should have equal right and shouldn't be discriminated against," Spangler said.

Police officers in Hartford worked with the kids on the project after hearing Gere's song, which she first performed at a talent show last year. Elementary school students also took part.

"It's important that the victim feels like they have someone there for them and the resources are a good thing, but also knowing that people support this," Lewis said.

"And that is the great thing about this video-- that the kids see that other kids are seeing this in the school district and they are really standing up and talking about it and confronting the problem," said Kristinnah Adam of the Hartford Police Department.

A problem faced by countless kids like this one, who is refusing to be a victim any longer.

"I'm hoping that they will help make a change and make a difference by standing up for the person being bullied and help end it," Gere said.

A battle against bullying that these students are confronting by standing up.

Right now the PSA is being spread through social media. Click here to see it.

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