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Vt. kids try being a farmer for a day

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There's a lot to farming. And these kids are learning what it takes, pitching in with chores and projects around Shelburne Farms, everything from brushing sheep to gathering eggs.

Michaela Kanelos/8: It's good.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Why is it good?

Michaela Kanelos: Because we get to do everything I was hoping to do.

Gina Bullard: What were you hoping to do?

Michaela Kanelos: Pick up chickens.

"The goal is for people who are familiar with the farm to get a deeper chance to explore it and see what kind of work happens on the farm," said Claire Stodola of Shelburne Farms.

"We came to the lake to look for critters, salamanders and bugs and stuff," said Nate Groff, 7.

Nate Groff's group was looking for wildlife in a pond on the property.

"It sounded fun, too, lake and get a little wet and find some critters," he said.

"I learned you can't always find something, only having fun is the thing," said Annaliese Moilan, 6.

"It feels sorta like farming because there's a bunch of fields over there," Nate said.

Exploring the pond might not sound like a typical farm chore, but the pond is still a part of the farm's ecosystem.

"Shelburne Farms is a farm, but it's a landscape. And this is next to our pasture, so it's part of our farm and we like to see what's living here, even if it's not our farm animals," Stodola said.

And the kids say this day camp is a welcome break from learning in a classroom.

"We get to be outside more and get to explore it on our own," said Adam Franz, 9.

So will these kids become farmers?

"Yeah, probably!" Nate said.

Gina Bullard: Do you think you'll ever be a farmer?

Michaela Kanelos: No!

Gina Bullard: What don't you like about it?

Michaela Kanelos: I just don't like it!

Exploring and getting a deeper understanding of farming, whether or not it sticks as a career.

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