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Better fitting breast implants

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Dr. Suresh Koneru now has a "crystal ball" to help women find the perfect fit in breast implants. He uses 3-D pictures to help women choose the right size and save money.

Now instead of cramming sample implants in a bikini, Koneru can show patients what a variety of breast sizes will look like before they ever go under the knife.

Koneru is the first San Antonio plastic surgeon to offer Crisalix software.

"It looks very realistic," a patient noted.

Women don't even have to come to the office to take advantage of the simulator. They can have a picture taken at home and email it to Koneru on his breast augmentation page. Within minutes, he uploads it to Swiss engineers who simulate what the new breasts will look like.

"They will send me an email to my office. We can contact patient make consultation and go over the photos," Koneru said.

That saves the patient time and helps cut down on consultation costs. The program even allows the patient to play paper dolls, trying on different outfits to see what size is the most flattering for their frame.

"They can visually see how they are going to look," Koneru said.

One patient said the software helped her avoid having regrets.

"I have no remorse. Helped my self-confidence," she said. "Being able to see it on the computer makes them more comfortable about that decision."

And there are plans to make the 3-D imaging available for nose jobs, too.

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