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Super Senior: Ted Hislop

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BARRE, Vt. -

Ted Hislop loves working in his garage.

"I enjoy making things out of wood," he said.

But his passion is his Harley.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Is it fun going out with your dad?

Pam Hislop: It's the best part of life.

Ted shares the road with his daughter, Pam.

"I started riding in 2003 and I quit smoking, and that was my first Harley and this is my third Harley," Pam said.

For her dad, it's been a lifetime of revving and riding.

"I've always loved motorcycles," Ted said.

His leather coat and shades gives him an outlaw look...

"I'm a hell of an angel," he joked.

...but he's been on the other side. Ted's been in law enforcement for 56 years. The former Vermont State Trooper worked all over Northern Vermont,

"When I was stationed in Canaan for four years, I didn't even have a radio," Ted said.

For his wife, Betty, Ted's career meant long nights away from her and their four children. He said they were a good police family.

"You're in bed when they are in school; they are gone when you come home," he said.

"He always made time for us," Betty said. "We were his first priority."

Ted retired from being a trooper in 1986. But his days of putting on a uniform didn't end. He quickly took a job as a deputy sheriff. He goes to work at the Barre District Court one day a week.

"I've dealt with people a lot of the years," he said.

Ted said he had a hard time dealing with some of the horrible events he saw as a trooper.

"What bothered me the most, probably, was I progressed in police work and I got hard. You see these things and it wouldn't bother you. That bothered me," Ted said.

But there was a case that affected him.

"Oh, Pamela Brown, yeah," he said.

It was a murder of a young woman back in 1982. It happened just around the corner from the courthouse. It was a case that remained unsolved for years.

"At the time it happened, we didn't have DNA," he said. "We had suspects, but..."

Pamela Brown was an 18-year-old from Barre and Ted was the lead detective in the case. They had suspects, but couldn't prove it. It wasn't until 27 years later, when Theodore Caron got arrested for felony drunk driving that they finally had a DNA match.

Ted Hislop: I was here the day they brought him into court.

Joe Carroll: What was going through you mind?

Ted Hislop: Well, you know, you almost feel sorry for people who do such stupid things.

Caron accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to up to 35 years in prison.

Ted is an easygoing guy, who at 84 uses his brain more than his brawn.

"I can't run, I can't chase anybody; I don't normally have to," he said. "I get along with pretty much everybody."

He says he's at a good point in his life. A life like riding a motorcycle; a bit dangerous, needing to be balanced and you can slow down whenever you want.

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