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Magnificent magnolias

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The magnolias are looking gorgeous this year. With the cool temperatures and low wind, we can enjoy them for weeks. And we're not even in Georgia! We can't grow those big southern magnolias, those evergreens with that sickly sweet smell! But we can grow others. You just have to be careful about which ones you are growing.

This pink one is a "Leonard Messel" magnolia. It is about 10 years old, and it will only get a little bit bigger. It only grows to about 8-feet tall, and about 6-feet wide, and has these beautiful white flowers that have a pink tinge to them and, of course, they are all fragrant. This is a great one to grow, because it is hardy to zone 4, so hardy throughout most of the viewing area.

Another one that you see all over the place is a white one called Magnolia stellata, or the star magnolia. They are looking beautiful this year because we had such a cool spring, and we haven't had any really cold freezes lately so they are really in full flower. They bloom really early so you have to put those in a protected spot, where they won't get hit by any of those late frosts, or any of those cold winds that blow.

Now if you are looking for something unusual, there are even some yellow flowered ones like "Elizabeth."

Now that's going to grow more into a bigger tree, 20- to 30-feet tall. The flowers are like little butterflies floating up in the sky.

Now magnolias are really easy to grow in our climate, you just want to put them in a protected spot with well-drained soil. They are shallow rooted, so make sure they have some compost in the soil and some bark mulch around them. Keep them well watered and, don't put them out in an exposed area. Tuck them somewhere where they might be protected and they'll be able to perform for you for years to come.

by Charlie Nardozzi

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