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Body care products as pure as the Green Mountains

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Mixing up another batch of products, Versante in Quechee uses ingredients like sugar, maple syrup and vanilla. But this isn't something you put in your body, it goes on top of it.

"Versante is an all natural bath and body care line hand crafted in Vermont using only natural ingredients and essential oil," said the company co-founder Richard Eyre.

"Versa comes from Latin -- meaning turn towards and sante means health in French," said Jan Marinelli.

Marinelli and Eyre -- both longtime friends -- started the business two years ago. "When we looked at the market we felt it needed a product that embodied the Vermont brand but was affordable to most Vermonters," Marinelli said.

Versante's product line includes lotions, soaps and soy candles -- with subtle natural scents. It's currently sold in 13 states, with many hotels and high-end spas carrying the line.  The company's goal -- to go nationwide.  On this day a maple syrup and brown sugar scrub is being concocted.

Richard Eyre: Exfoliate the dead skin cells which will freshen your skin. Then there's an oil left behind to moisturize your skin.

Reporter Gina Bullard: It looks more like frosting.

Richard Eyre: You can eat it.

The Versante line does not use oil-based products or chemicals.  The owners say going natural is better for your health -- and skin. "Our customers read labels and our products are very, very clean," Marinelli said. "If you read our labels you will only see products like shea butter, almond oil."

"There's been this whole trend -- just like in the food market -- to have products that are not harmful to your outer skin as well as the inside of your body," Eyre said.

Products range in price from around $7 to $20.  And men, don't turn up your noses, you can use these products too -- like a body mist they claim gives an extra energy boost.

Jan Marinelli: It's essential oils and distilled water.

Reporter Gina Bullard: And guys should not be afraid to use it? its not like perfume?

Jan Marinelli: It's not perfume.

"Vermont has an image of quality of life, purity -- a little less stress, so that enhances the brand of Versante," Eyre said.

Taking inspiration from the Green Mountains for bath and body care that's Made in Vermont.

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