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Massage parlors a front for prostitution in Rutland?

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Far East Massage Therapy looks like a regular business from the outside. It's located in a friendly, residential neighborhood in Rutland.

But its owner, Inson Everitt, and her Bennington business called Green Spa, are currently under investigation. 

A neighbor who spoke with us under condition of anonymity described things seen and heard at the Rutland location as "disturbing."

Reporter Deanna LeBlanc: So you knew it was a massage parlor?

Anonymous Neighbor: Yeah, that's what the sign says, but I thought it was a strictly legitimate massage parlor.

Anonymous Neighbor: There were things like someone coming out zipping up his pants and things being said that you could hear through the screens in the windows

Deanna LeBlanc: Like?

Anonymous Neighbor: Like, "Me love you long time -- you want happy ending?"

So this resident started poking around and found reviews of the parlor on erotic websites.  

"It's pretty sexually explicit and I don't want to exactly say it," the neighbor said.

So we checked.  The ads don't overtly solicit sex, but one website offers reviews of sexual services allegedly provided at the spa.

WCAX spoke a man just leaving the establishment.

Deanna LeBlanc: Did you just have a massage?

Client: I did.

Deanna LeBlanc: Just a massage?

Client: Just a massage.

Deanna LeBlanc: What's it like in there?

Client: It's quiet, very nice. It's clean; you can smell the Clorox in the towels.

WCAX tried knocking on the door at Far East. Despite the open sign, no one came to the door. So we tried calling, but our requests for an interview were rejected. 

Property owner Peter Giancola says it's likely he's never even met Inson Everitt. He says she pays her rent on time and that's his biggest concern.

"If she doesn't pay the rent, then we get upset. We're not in the morals business, I just collect money. That's how it works," explained Giancola.

WCAX also reached out to the Rutland City Police, but they declined to comment on the matter.  

But in Bennington, police and the FBI are investigating another of Inson Everitt's spas-- The Green Spa-- for reports of prostitution and human trafficking. The Rutland resident fears that may be happening at Far East Massage Therapy, too, and says all the women who work at Far East also live there.

"The people up front only go upstairs to shower, to cook or to clean," explained the anonymous neighbor.

Now police are on the hunt for Inson Everitt, whose massage parlors may be just a front for something more sinister.

"I would like it closed down and I would not like it relocating somewhere else," said the concerned neighbor.

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