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Planting blueberries

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Everybody wants to grow berries now, they're a superfood! And blueberries are so easy to grow. You can plant low bush varieties as a ground cover, half high blueberries to plant underneath a window next to your house or plant a little blueberry plantation with a high bush varieties.

They need lots of sun, and if you are getting the high bush varieties, get an early, late and mid season variety. Plant at least three of them. That way it will extend the blueberry season from July right until September.

Now what you want to look for in your site, other than the full sun, is well drained soil. Blueberries have a very shallow, fibrous root system and they don't like sitting in a very heavy, wet, clay soil. If you have clay soil, raise the soil up and create a raised bed and plant them there. Ideally you should have a sandy loam soil that's really well drained. It's a great soil for blueberries. 

Once you've got them kind of laid out on your site, and they should be spaced about 5 feet apart, for a high bush varieties. Then dig your hole. Dig your hole about 2 times the diameter of your pot, and just as deep as it is sitting in the pot. Then just pop it out of the pot, place it in the hole and then just back fill it with the native soil. If you have a nice soil and it's well drained, you don't need to use any compost or any other amendments, it will grow really well just in the native soil.

And finally place some mulch around the plants because they have a very shallow root system and you want to be able to protect those roots and keep them nice and moist right through the growing season. Put a good two to three inch layer of bark mulch right around them. You don't need to do any fertilizing this first year but in the fall, you probably want to add some sulfur to keep the pH below 5.0.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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