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Vt. photographer has knack for shorebirds

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Artists are often drawn to Vermont, but sometimes, Vermont draws the artist out of you.

"So this is where you take a lot of your pictures."

"This is it, this is the spot, this is where everything happens, you get a great view of the whole bay, you see like, the weather coming out..."

You may not know you're an artist until you find yourself in an inspiring situation. That's what Boston Neary discovered when she moved to the shores of Lake Champlain about 2 years ago.

"So were you interested in weather and birds before you moved here?"

"I loved weather before I got here,.. birds, ...sort of. But then when you've got eagles flying right in front of your face? You just can't help but go oh my God, and you see the osprey dive down and get their fish and then you've got the caspien terns which are like the coolest and funniest birds that ever lived. Squawking and diving and yelling at their kids. It's kind of like 'as the world terns,' with an e."

And once she was hooked, she was hooked!

"Its funny, a lot of my golf friends are really mad at me now, because it don't play as much golf. Well it's like I have different shots that I take now, I get my birdies and eagles in other ways, you know?"

"So how has living on the lake changed you?"

"You know what, I think it's given me a chance to take pause and really enjoy nature every single second because every day it's a different day here! Some days, you just appreciate the light! Because every day the light is just a little bit different. So I think that it's really let me stop and really take more pause in life. And I just love it."

"When I first moved here, all I had was my iPhone! So I'd see some great blue heron and I'd be like 'oh yeah!' And I tried to get that picture and you can't get that picture with an iPhone. So, I got a little bit nicer than a point and shoot. But then you say you know the birds are moving too fast. So then I upgraded to the next camera. And then that wasn't really good enough, so then, I upgraded again, and got a better lens and so I think I am where I am, although I'm always wishing for the next best thing."

"I only started this maybe, a year and a half ago."

"How are you getting such good pictures then?"

"You know what? Some days it's just being in the right place at the right time, and sometimes I have just mere seconds to get that shot, because I"ll see that eagle coming across the bay and I'll come skidding across my house in my socks and jump out here and I'll keep my camera on a really fast setting so I can kind of just get it and kind is work from there because I don't have a lot of time to figure out ..."

"Nature doesn't wait for anybody."

"No, nature doesn't wait!"

It's a skill she's developed, and an art form that has become a part of her. As long as something amazing keeps happening outside her window, she'll keep grabbing her camera.

"This has been truly and amazing adventure here. I'm truly hooked, I love Vermont, I love living on the bay, it's just awesome, awesome experience."

Boston says if you want to take great bird photos, just keep your patience. For every 500 shots you take, three or four of them will be great shots.

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