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Stranded homeowners

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Driving along Route 15, you may notice some roads have reopened as crews guide drivers cautiously around the cracked gravel. But driving down roads like North Underhill Station, you won't get very far.

Conner Primo is a resident on North Underhill Station Road.

"A good amount of town and a good amount of space on this bridge up here is just gone." said Primo.

He made his way home this morning from a friend's house-by foot.

"There's a path that we made through the woods so I could go to his house, a bit of a hike up a couple hills and other than that I've just walking. Not many cars can get up and down the road." said Primo.

Thursday night's storm has cut many residents off from the rest of Underhill, days after they're still reminded that the rain will continue. But it's not just the rain and destroyed culverts some residents are concerned about.

"The beaver blocked up the culvert and the pond couldn't handle it anymore from all the water coming off the side of the hill." said Elise Baslow, she is a resident on Gert's Knob Road.

With help from a few beavers that Baslow says have made Gert's Knob Road their home for quite some time, the only road in and out of the neighborhood has been completely destroyed. Now the neighbors are counting on each other.

"We've all been just hanging out together and if anybody needed anything we've been unblocking culverts, trying to keep water from doing anymore damage." said Baslow.

Thomas Bosley says some of the neighbors have left their cars on the other side of the broken culvert. And he's been more than happy to give them a ride up and down the hill

"One fella went down to meet his wife, he had put a rope around him and put a rope around her and kinda got across the logs on that north side there." said Bosley.

And he says this isn't the first time the main road up to their home has collapsed-it's the 3rd time in 30 years. And it's no secret on Gert's Knob Road that the beavers are a bit of a problem.

"They raised it up and they put bigger culverts in but, you know, beavers-they do what they do." said Bosley.

On Seymour Road, the road has washed away completely. Scenes like this are not uncommon. Many residents are trapped in their homes as they wait for crews to repair the roads. With the rain still coming down, plans to go camping has been canceled for the Bosleys, but it hasn't stopped their good spirits.

"We went Thursday and got ready for camping so we got plenty of food, you guys can stay and have a BBQ if you want." said Bosley.

VTrans will begin building a new bridge tonight and hope to allow residents to leave their homes by tomorrow night.

Until then, the rain continues to fall.

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