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Super Senior: Clayt Butterfield

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For over 50 years Clayt Butterfield and his wife Lois have been loaning out medical equipment.  

"If you need it and I have it, you can borrow it," Butterfield said.

It's not really a business -- more like a calling.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You guys getting rich doing this?  

Clayt Butterfield: Yeah, I think one customer gave us a $50 check to go out and eat.

He asks for a small donation, but if you can't make one, that's OK.

"Some days we have 3, 4 at a time -- coming and going," said Lois Butterfield, Clayt's wife.

It's a program run by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Clayt is the local commander. They serve anyone in need, not just veterans.

Reporter Joe Carroll: How does this make you feel helping people?  

Clayt Butterfield: It makes you feel good, it really does.

After that business closes for the day, there's another one that helps pay the bills and it involves his antique truck. Clayt has a special bond with the 1946 Chevy pickup.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Your pickup -- pardon me Lois -- has been kind of like your girlfriend.  

Clayt Butterfield: Well, I'm in love with it.

"I bought it in 1962 and I've owned and operated a rubbish route from that day forth," Butterfield said.

It's a business he took over from his father-in-law. Every Wednesday Clayt takes care of his 35 customers in Randolph. The 82 year old doesn't charge much for the average trash pickup -- a mere six bucks. "I'm satisfied, their satisfied, what more do you need?" he said.

People in town joke -- who will last longer, the pickup or Clayt?  He's already planned if he goes first.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You said you want to be carried in this... you do the measurements... can a casket fit in the back?  

Clayt Butterfield:  We can rope it in if necessary.

Just about everyone on Bellefred Street uses Clayt's service. "I think he's great," said one customer.

Clayt's done for another week, but it's a sure bet that he and his 67-year-old companion will be back.

Reporter Joe Carroll: This seriously has become an icon in the community hasn't it?

Clayt Butterfield: Oh absolutely -- this truck is Randolph.

So is Clayt -- and that's not rubbish.

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