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Major teacher turnover in Monkton

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There is a lot Stephanie Murray loves about teaching.

"I love the students, I love the family, I love the collaborative effort," she said.

But the longtime Monkton Central School teacher says there is a lot she does not like about her school.

"It has been one of issues of trust, communication with administration," Murray said.

More than half of the school's teachers are not returning next year.

"It is certainly something you would want to wonder and question a little deeper," Murray said. "What is it that's making folks move on from their current positions at the Monkton Central School?"

New results from a survey sponsored in part by the Vermont NEA show 100 percent of the school's teachers don't feel trusted or respected by the school's administration.

"I am hearing that, too. So, what I make of that is that we have work to do together and that we'll go forward and make it better in our school," said Susan Stewart, the principal on Monkton Central School.

Results also show teachers have reservations about sharing concerns with administrators and that they do not have the same vision.

"When that news is brought to me in the way that it has been brought to me, of course it raises concern," Stewart said. "I care about these people; I care about the education of students in Monkton."

Stewart says she does trust and respect her teachers, and that while turnover may be high right now, there's more to the equation than upset teachers.

"I have listened to the people that have left about why they're leaving, and in most cases it is a different opportunity or it is the right time in their life," Stewart said.

Murray says she's staying and that it's the right time to work together to make things better.

"We're optimistic that those who remain here as teachers that we are going to move forward," Murray said.

She says progress can be made with the current principal in charge.

Superintendent David Adams cautions there may be a number of factors contributing to school climate that go well beyond building administration. He says he's committed to seeing improvements, as well, and has full confidence in his principal.

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