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Burlington's sinkhole takes to Twitter

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A sinkhole in the middle of Battery Street in Burlington caused massive delays and headaches Monday. So why did it happen? Why there? Why now? Well, we finally have some concrete answers for you, by going directly to the source, the @BTVSinkhole. That's right; the sinkhole is on Twitter, spreading messages on the social media site. It wanted to stay in its hole, so we talked with technology.

Asked why Battery Street, @BTVSinkhole told Reporter Gina Bullard that it visited Burlington in May and stayed on Battery Street. It thought it was a beautiful place, so it tried to move there permanently.

The sinkhole tweets about being welcomed to Battery Street and how it's happy how many people come to see it. Even Senator Patrick Leahy joined in on the fun, with a joke about it being his bat cave.

The sinkhole says it's not trying to hurt anyone. It said it loves people, but did hope to catch a car or two, because it hears they're delicious.

Gina Bullard: Would you follow a sinkhole on Twitter?

Eliot Ward/England: Yeah, yeah, why not? Of course, yeah, yeah.

@WCAX_Gina: Are you still a legit sinkhole now that you're closed?

@BTVSinkhole: Am I legit. The thing with sinkholes is we always exist we live underground until surprise we move next door!

But this sinkhole might not be a reliable source. It popped up again Tuesday-- not next door, but in the same exact spot on Battery Street. When we were shooting our story it decided it was ready for another close-up, opening up again. Maybe playing to the camera?

"I was kind of surprised to see this again," said Allen Puma, who works in Burlington.

The sinkhole says it picked the same spot because it had to go back for its car keys.

Steve Goodkind/Burlington Public Works: Oh, good. OK, what's going to happen when we fill it in and patch it up?

Gina Bullard: He said he'll pop up somewhere else.

Steve Goodkind: He'll have to get a life... OK.

A life it already has on the streets and on Twitter, with 66 followers and counting.

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