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Super Senior: Dick Paquette

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Pauline Paquette has made the trek thousands of times, leaving her home and crossing a busy road in Colchester to go to work. It's eggs all day. Pauline works at Shadow Cross Farms with her husband, Dick. It's a family business started by Dick's dad in 1940. Most of the nine employees are family. People do come to the farm to purchase their eggs, but the majority of the business is delivered to stores and restaurants all over Northern Vermont.

"I'm on the road six days a week," Dick said. "I will go out on Sundays if you need me."

The Paquettes scramble to get things done and they have a sunny side. The puns come easy, but the work is hard.

"You come out here tomorrow morning about 4 a.m. and it will be full again," Dick said. "People say you work hard, I don't think I work at all."

In fact, the only vacation they've ever taken was on their honeymoon when they went to Montreal.

"We were married on Saturday and we were back to work on Monday," Dick said.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, the Cold War was heating up and Alvin and the other chipmunks hit number one on the pop charts. It was 1958. Over a half century of constant work.

"Oh, yes, I'm very proud. As long as he can do it, there's nothing wrong with that," Pauline said.

Dick's route is mostly Chittenden County. He makes frequent stops.

The eggs now come from a farm in Addison County. About a decade ago they sold their hens. Dick misses the birds, but the cost to modernize the Colchester facility would have been in the millions.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Isn't this tiring? This is pretty heavy stuff.

Dick Paquette: Yeah, it's pretty heavy... about 55 to 60 lbs.

The 74-year-old says it's the people he meets that keeps him going.

"The customers are like family after a while, which is very nice," he said.

Most mornings he's at work at 6 a.m.

Joe Carroll: You're still going at 6 p.m.

Dick Paquette: Oh, yeah, I'm just getting warmed up.

Dick delivers the old-fashioned way with a hand-dolly and a pad of paper.

Joe Carroll: This is your iPad, hunh?

Dick Paquette: This is my iPad! It works good.

Another old-fashioned notion he believes in-- treat people with respect and spend some time with them.

Joe Carroll: What do you think of this guy?

Josephine Auriemma/Store Clerk: Oh, this guy is number 1.

The longtime Colchester resident was just the grand marshal in the Fourth of July parade.

"It didn't rain on my parade, so I was happy!" he said.

With the respect the community has for these hardworking Vermonters, it's easy to see why their motto is "Good Eggs to Deal With."

With all his time on the road, Dick has made time to donate to the Red Cross; he has given more than 50 gallons of blood.

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