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Heat may have Vt. bats behaving strangely

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The heat is not good news for Vermont's stressed bat populations.

The little brown bat is endangered because of white nose syndrome.

Vt. Fish and Wildlife says the attics and eaves where bats spend the day get extremely hot, and bats can die from dehydration. Experts say the heat can mean bats are showing up where they are not normally seen-- in homes or businesses. And young bats, that probably just began flying in the last week or so, will be more likely to wander.

"What also happens with this heat is these bats may end up landing into living spaces where people are encountering them, and that's why it's really important for us to make sure people are responding appropriately," said Scott Darling of the Vt. Fish and Wildlife Department.

He says the best way to get a bat out of your home is to open a door or window because the bat will use echolocation to find its way out. He says if you decide to try to capture a bat under a container to bring it outside, make sure you are wearing heavy gloves.

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