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Springfield on alert after state warns of sex offender release

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Timothy Szad Timothy Szad

Timothy Szad, 53, sexually assaulted a 13-year-old Rockingham boy in 2000. Szad has been in jail ever since. But July 26 he's getting out. And according to the Vermont Corrections Department, he's at high risk to reoffend, even though he completed sex offender treatment behind bars.

"He has a higher likelihood to reoffend," said Kris Goldstein, the sexual abuser treatment chief for the Vt. Department of Corrections. "You know the victim of his last offense was a stranger, a male, unrelated victim, and those are the critical areas that raise someone's risk."

His high-risk status prompted a warning from the Corrections Department to people in the Springfield area. That's where Szad will live once he's out. And he will no longer be under Corrections supervision since he's served his time. Local police are helping to alert residents.

"Reaching out to the residents and doing a knock and talk and make them aware in the area where he is going to be residing," Springfield Police Chief Doug Johnston said.

News of Szad's release and likely relocation to Springfield is not sitting well with residents, especially those with young children.

"It is sickening to know that you would release someone who has hurt children like that in a community that is full of kids," said Jessica Alden, who has five boys.

Others in this small town, who no longer have kids living at home, share the same concerns.

"It's scary," said Nancy Searles of Springfield. "I don't live with too many family members around and you kind of have to watch yourself quite often."

Police say Szad would be most likely to target blue-eyed adolescent boys.

Some say his second shot at freedom is a flaw in the system.

"Not for sexually molesting a child, you don't give anybody a second chance," Alden said. "My opinion, they should all be castrated and left in jail."

Some states, including New Hampshire and New York, have a civil confinement law that keeps sex offenders locked up even past their release dates. However, Vermont is not one of them.

We do not know exactly where Szad plans to live. He will have to register as a sex offender, but the public registry only lists towns. Police do know exactly where he plans to live, but they are not releasing that information out of fear for his safety.

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