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Video of Vt. man's fishing technique goes viral

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If Doug Owen looks familiar-- he says he gets that a lot.

"Oh, this is what Santa does during his days off," he said.

He does actually play the big guy around the holidays, but lately he's not being recognized for what he did in a Santa suit, rather what he did in, well, basically his birthday suit.

"I'm kinda a computer illiterate. I came up with this idea with my wife; we were just going to share a funny video with my family and friends," Owen said.

When Owen couldn't figure out how to put his video on Facebook, he uploaded it to YouTube instead-- and it went viral.

"I didn't know that once it goes on YouTube 700,000 of your closest friends are watching you in your underwear," Owen said.

More than half a million hits in less than two weeks-- so what is it about this video that has people buzzing worldwide? It's about what happens when Owen dives into his pond. Owen jumps in the water, grabs a rainbow trout with his bare hands, jumps out of the water and holds the fish up to his wife's disbelief. It seems too ridiculous, too fast, and too unbelievable to be true. That's what commenters are saying online and everyone seems to have a theory. The fish was already dead, some say. Others say it was attached to a string. And some even say he was hiding it, shall we say, on his person.

"I just said, 'Hey, let's do it once. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work," Owen said.

Owen admits the dialogue was staged and probably could have used a little work, but he swears...

Reporter Steve Bottari: That really happened?

Doug Owen: That really happened. That was a real fish.

Steve Bottari: There was no string?

Doug Owen: There was no string; there was no trap, no net.

He says he's never done it before and doesn't know if he could ever do it again. But, after all, it's not totally unheard of. Bears seem to make it look pretty easy. And then there are the folks on "Hillbilly Handfishin.'"

"You gotta study your pond, study the escape route of the fish," he said.

Apparently that studying paid off.

Steve Bottari: So, when you were on the rock about to jump in, could you see it?

Doug Owen: Yeah, he was right there. So, I had to jump past him to give him that, to block his exit.

He caught his dinner with his bare hands and ate it.

"It was good; it was good," he said.

As for now, he has no future video plans.

"I think my 15 seconds of fame is just about over," Owen said.

That is until perhaps his wife gets hungry again...

As happens on the internet, there are already spoof videos cropping up of this one. We have a link to one parody that Doug Owen says he finds hilarious and a link to the full original video.

Doug Owen's full original video -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWXAjDaB4KY

Spoof: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGUkkj_qDr0

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