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What are the health risks of overdue babies?

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Prince William's wife, Kate, is days past her due date if reports are correct.

Doctors say it's not unusual for first pregnancies to go a little later.

"This is very common. It is the most frustrating part, is when you go past your due date," said Dr. Jacques Mortiz of Roosevelt Hospital.

Sarah Vazquez is also expecting the arrival of her first child any day now. The thought of delivering late doesn't concern her too much. But she is aware she could end up being induced if she goes two weeks past her due date.

"We're definitely hoping to have a natural birth," Vazquez said. "But I understand that there's definitely a possibility if you go past a certain point."

Doctors will sometimes need to induce labor the longer a pregnancy goes. The baby gets larger, which can complicate natural delivery.

But inducing labor comes with its own risks. It can diminish your baby's oxygen and lower their heart rate. It can also increase the chances of premature birth and needing a cesarean section.

"Twenty to thirty percent," Moritz said.

There are many home remedies out there to bring labor on, including eating spicy foods and taking herbal supplements. But experts say those methods are not scientifically backed.

Moritz says expecting moms should just try to relax and allow nature to take its course.

"Please be patient; it will happen. I know you are sick and tired. Be patient, it will happen naturally," Moritz advised.

And across Britain they're trying their best to wait patiently for the next royal heir to arrive.

Doctors may also induce labor if a patient's placenta starts to deteriorate or if there is any sign of infection.

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