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Little dog tracks down escaped snake at Dartmouth College

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Snake safely back in tank Snake safely back in tank
Daisy Daisy
Daisy with owner Vicky Moors Daisy with owner Vicky Moors

Little Daisy is an active dog, always making her presence known.

"She's the best little bundle of love, that is what it is. She saved the day," owner Vicky Moors said.

On Tuesday night, the Jack Russell-Dachshund mix channeled her inner detective, on the trail of a 3-foot python that went missing from a Dartmouth College fraternity house five days earlier.

"My friends and I were out here taking a study break, and she was just very adamant about sniffing the space," Moors said.

The sniffing continued Wednesday at the very spot where she cracked the case. The python was in the hole and Daisy let everyone know she had found it.

"I thought that she was being eaten by something," said Ellie Peterson, a member of the class of 2015. "It sounds like she was yelping like she was being attacked or something."

"She just really wanted to attack it. And it's pretty cute because at first I was kind of afraid that the snake would hurt her," Moors said. "I didn't really remember how big it was or able to picture a 3-foot python. If it could hurt her because she is kind of a rodent-size."

Maybe so... but she did save the day?! Those who know Daisy say she's always had it in her.

"She has a lot of personality. I am not surprised," Peterson said. "She like snoops around everywhere."

Though, she's likely to stay out of the cage where the missing python now, once again, rests peacefully. It's a good thing that when the escape happened, the serpent didn't take its friend. Yes, that's right; there are two pythons in this house.

"I was petrified," Peterson said. "I am completely terrified of snakes and I live right next door to Connie, who lost the snake, so I was like checking every corner of my room, under my blankets, all of it."

But the Dartmouth community can once again sleep at ease.

"She is like my little sidekick, so it is pretty awesome to have her save the day and find the snake," Moors said.

A little dog who now boasts a big reputation on campus.

Experts say the snake did not pose a serious threat to humans, but it could have killed small pets, like for instance a cat or small dog.

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