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Super Senior: Lucille Skeffington

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In Bristol, there's proof that you don't need the latest and greatest to satisfy the customer.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So, Lucille, these are your regulars?

Lucille Skeffington: Yes, they are. This gal's been coming 47 years and the one under the dryer is 50.

Lucille Skeffington has owned Bristol Beauty Bar for 55 years. You can't get an adult beverage, but you can get a quality cut with wonderful company.

The room is about the size of a bedroom.

"It does get tight sometimes, really tight, ya' know," Lucille said. "But, you know, everyone is used to it; that's it."

But there is a waiting room. It's the living room of the house. Lucille's twin sister, Cecile, is there to greet them.

"I couldn't be happier here," Cecile Lawrence said. "I just have all these people coming in and out; I get to visit with everybody, so it's great."

The sisters are 85.

"We look, we are identical; everybody called us Cille because they never knew who was Lucille, Cecile-- so they would say Cille," Cecile explained.

The girls grew up in Bristol. Lucille went off to beauty school in Boston, where she met Ed. They got married and after a few years in the Bay State, she got homesick and came home. Lucille opened a beauty shop in 1957. Some of these women have been coming here since the beginning.

"I think being twins, we are on the same page a lot," Cecile said.

Both the husbands have since passed away. The sisters' lives have gone full circle; they now live together.

Her customers are in their 80s and 90s, many of them are hard of hearing and have fading eyesight, but one thing they haven't lost is that desire to stay pretty.

"Well, it makes them feel better," Lucille said. "I think if you look good, you can deal with a lot of things a lot better."

You might call her the Beauty Doctor. For many of these ladies, it's sheer pleasure, THE social event of the week, perhaps the month.

"They just don't have any social life. They don't drive, they go to the doctor, they come here; sometimes it's the only thing they do," Lucille explained.

It's a place to catch up on current events. They talk and read about everything.

"And this is Sue Brown and she's been a customer for 50 years," Lucille said.

Loyalty is the motto; Lucille's co-worker Diane Livingston has been renting a chair next to her for 39 years.

Joe Carroll: What do you think of her?

Diane Livingston: I love her. She's not a boss; she's like my mother, even though I have a mother. Lucille is like my second mom.

Lucille hasn't taken any new customers for five years. She does have a retirement plan-- to keep working until she's not here any longer or...

"Depends who's left!" she said. "That's what it is."

Lucille has two children, a son and a daughter. Daughter Lisa grew up watching mom style the woman of Bristol. She has a beauty salon in Burlington.

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