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Fire at a Salisbury farm

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A devastating fire at the Nop Brothers Farm in Salisbury.

Thousand of dollars in damages have left the farm struggling to find a way to get back on their feet.

Bill Nop was settling in after finishing another day at work when his daughters looked out the window to discover a building completely engulfed in flames.

"They said there's a big red glow and a lot of smoke coming from the home farm," Nop said.

Firefighters arrived on the scene only to discover it was too late to save anything inside.

"The whole building was engulfed already and there wasn't much we could do except save that barn there," adds Nop. 

Feed trucks, 2 skid steers, and a tractor were destroyed. Luckily no animals were injured.

Nop Farm Worker, Mike Sullivan said, "Those mixers are about a hundred fifty thousand dollars a piece, there's four of them right there."

Sullivan has been working on Nop Farm for 25 years and saw a similar fire cause damage back in '94. But he says this fire spread in a matter of moments as they fought to control the blaze.

"You figure the trucks, they got plastic fuel lines underneath. Once one of those melts, it's fed with fuel, things are history," said Sullivan. 

"Last night's fire has effected even the simplest routines out here on Nop Farm. A task like feeding the cows, which would normally take about 15 minutes, has now become a 3 hour routine."

"We have a lot of loads that have to go to New Haven and Galvan Farm. it takes forever doing it with the wagon and the tractor compared to the mixer trucks," commented another Nop Farm Worker, Wilfred Lafountain.

"The Lord will provide and that's all we can do is continue to do our best and hope for the best." Nop said.

Neighbors have pitched in to help Nop and his team get back on their feet, but he says the first step is to begin cleaning up what's left. 

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, Nop believes dust in one of the trucks contributed to the blaze.

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