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Meet the Monsters 8-20-13

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These 9 and 10 year olds in Grand Isle had a blast playing this season.  They also learned many new skills.  The guys were disappointed they didn't make the district finals, but the coaching staff say they were a pleasure to coach all season.

Cannon, a 10 year old pitcher asks, "What was the toughest out of your career?"

Junior Mendez, Lake Monsters Pitcher:  "Hey Cannon, thanks for the question. My toughest out was this year. David Washington from State College. He's a big lefty leading in RBI. I just kept the ball down and got a couple ground balls and that was pretty much it. My road to fame is that I got Tony Gwynn Jr. Out. He plays for the Dodgers. He's been up to the major leagues and I got him out this year."

Andrew, a 10 years old left fielder asks, "When and what was the toughest play you had to make?"

Boog Powell, Lake Monsters Outfielder: "Hey Andrew, thanks for your question. I'd have to say a squeeze play. In the bottom of the ninth, there was a runner at third. We were playing the Hudson Valley Renegades. It was the first pitch and the ball was thrown at my ankles. It was a curveball and I had to dip down, put my bat on it and somehow it got fair and we won the game after that."

Jack, a 10 years old catcher asks, "Did you have an injury, missed a lot of time and was frustrated no playing?"

Matt Stalcup, Lake Monsters Pitcher: "Yes Jack, there's been a few times when I've had an injury and missed some time. Basically, you've just got to be patient and do whatever you can that doesn't give you any pain and just be patient like I said, and you'll get back out there as soon as you can."


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