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Making your perennial border pop

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It's beautiful to have tall perennials in your flower garden. They create a beautiful backdrop for other flowers that will be in the foreground and really set them off nicely. And they flower in and of themselves, so they look great next to a garage, barn, next to your house or in the back of a flower border.

So we have some great examples of some here. This is a filipendula, or a Queen of the Prairie. It's a beautiful one. It comes as a white, red or pink flower. And this is nice, because it grows 6- to 8-feet tall and has beautiful big leaves. It grows well in wet areas. If you have kind of a wet area, and a lot of people do this year, this one would do really well. It's a clumper, so it doesn't spread and become invasive, but it will spread out and fill in the back of a perennial flower border.

Now another one that does really well in the wet is the Joe Pyeweed. Once it blooms the butterflies will be all over it. It grows 6- to 8-feet tall, likes those wet areas again, and both of these will grow well in both part sun and full sun. If you have a place and you're wondering about shadows and shade, these are nice choices.

Now there is also a third one that is a meadow rue. This is a little bit different. It stands up 4- to 6-feet tall. It's in the buttercup family and has beautiful little lavender-colored flowers on it that look pretty in the wind. It kind of flows in the wind. It has columbine-like leaves. It's more of an airy flower, so it's not one that's going to create a big backdrop, but it will look really nice combined with other flowers.

So, combine those different tall perennials in your flower border, and it will give you color and a great backdrop.

~by Charlie Nardozzi

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